About me

I am a computational neuroscience PhD student at FMI, Basel, Switzerland. Working with Friedemann Zenke, I study architectural constraints of biologically inspired neural networks and their computational implications.

Before starting my PhD, I received my BSc and MSc from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany, where I worked with Herbert Jaeger.

My Curriculum Vitae.


  • November 2019: Our paper (with Zekun Yang) on word vector denoising has been accepted by AAAI 2020.

  • September 2019: I started my PhD study at the Friedrich Miescher Institute.

  • August 2019: I have been awarded a Deans Prize for outstanding Master’s thesis 2019 by Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.

  • May 2019: I submitted my MSc thesis.

  • March 2019: Our paper (with Xu He, Fatemeh Hadaeghi, and Herbert Jaeger) on training spiking neural networks for neuromorphic hardware won a best paper finalist award at IEEE NER-2019 (3rd place out of 467 accepted papers).

  • March 2019: I attended IEEE NER-2019.

  • March 2019: I attended IK-2019

  • March 2019: I attended Cosyne-2019.

  • February 2019: Our paper (with João Sedoc and Lyle Ungar) on continual sentence representation learning has been accepted by NAACL 2019.

  • February 2019: I will be joining the lab of Dr. Friedemann Zenke as a PhD student at Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) Basel!

  • December 2018: Our paper (with Xu He, Fatemeh Hadaeghi, and Herbert Jaeger) on Reservoir Transfer has been accepted to NER-2019.

  • November 2018: Our paper (with João Sedoc and Lyle Ungar) on word vector post-processing has been accepted by AAAI 2019.

  • September 2018: I attended the Bernstein Conference 2018.

  • August 2018: I received a travel award to present at BioCreative/OHNLP workshop at the ACM-BCB 2018, Washington, D.C.

  • August 2018: My paper on learning Observable Operator Models from data containing missing values is available on arxiv.

  • June 2018: Our paper on Fast Binary Compressive Sensing has been accepted by 5th CoSeRa 2018.

  • May 2018: I started my summer research internship with Lyle Ungar at Upenn.

  • April 2018: I have been awarded with the SMARTSTART1 Training Fellowship of Computational Neuroscience by the Bernstein Network and the Volkswagen Foundation.

  • March 2018: I had a one-week research visit at the Institute of Neuroinformatics of UZH and ETH, Switzerland. March 2018: I attended IK-2018, Moehnesee, Germany.

  • Feb 2018: I attended AAAI-2018, New Orleans, USA.

  • November 2017: Our paper on Predicting Engagement Breakdown in HRI has been accepted to the AAAI-2018 workshop on Affective Content Analysis.

  • September 2017: I attended the 2nd Young Researchers Event and the Codejam of the Human Brain Project (HBP) in Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland.